Sunrise Christian College (SCCFPI)

P2B Bonbon, Butuan City 8600 Philippines

Contact Us

Mr. Roman Cariaga  –  09196292770

Present President

Dr. Samuel B. Cariaga
Past President 2006-2008
Sunrise Christian College Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.
Purok 2-B Barangay Bonbon, Butuan City
Mobile Phone: +6309179229150
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 116 Butuan City, Philippines 86000

For Admission:
Antonio C. Medroso
Sunrise Christian College Foundation of the Philippines, Inc
P2B Bonbon, Butuan City

Fax # 2265024

Please fill up the Response Form below:


12 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. alexbcoloma said

    Great Job sir Pilar! Keep on upgrading the scc website! We owe you alot in hepling us with our plan to promote the school through its website! God bless and your family.

    Alex B. Coloma

  2. Great website! Keepon upgrading!

  3. Ruben said

    You’re doing great!!

  4. Noel said

    What a great accomplishment.

  5. Elvi C. said

    First time to test our newly activated house-based internet, wasted no time then to visit SCC WEBSITE. All I can say, WOW!
    Agpayso la unay diay text ti gayyem ko from Manila nga napintas ti lugar tayo ditoy Sunrise, whether it be actual or picture views.

    Congrats Ruben and to Sunrise Mission Team.

  6. I personally say that Scc website now is one of the most visited and read sites in the brotherhood! Not only in the Philippines but thorughout the world I guess! More than 3,000 people have clicked and shared it as well. Congratulations! Go, Grow and Glow SCC!!!

  7. It is more than 8,000 readers and viewers visited your site!!!!! Congrats!!!


  8. kierstine17 said

    gReetinGs!! Hello, I am a Church of Christ member here in President Quirino Congregation. I just want to keep touch my brothers and sisters there..
    I wish I could study iN SCC.God’s will..
    but I have a personal problems why I can’t enroll ..
    But by the way I want to say Hi to all the students..
    God Bless you all always..
    please if you have time,leave me a comment sir,
    ( thnx a lot!!

  9. i

  10. jovelyn son said

    i’m jovelyn son gusto me sana mag enroll n sunrise christian college. may slot pa poh para sa akn.

  11. from chicago, We wish to congratulate you for your superb achievment! MABUHAY PO KAYO!


  12. John C Quiniones said

    February 17, 2010


    I scanned your website and I observed that you’re doing fine and excellent job. Kindly extend my regards to Bro Roman Cariaga., your President.

    I hope that he is in good health, happiness and blessings from the Lord. More power to you my Brother. May you have more months and years to come.


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