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Posted by rmpilarjr on July 19, 2007


By: Mr. Antonino R Micabalo


As crack of dawn breaks

to disclose its splendid arms

it embraces the humanity

with its gentle touch.


A new day is bear,

to steer the launch of a new speculation.

A splint of wish sprouts,

to meet the breathe of a new days.


It brings joyful tidings

to cheer up the downcast

to enlighten the lumber of the sick.

For by its glance of kindness

its smile of encouragement

its hold of apprehension

its heat of affection


It creates a new sense, it convey a new life.


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Posted by rmpilarjr on July 19, 2007


By: Antonino R. Micabalo, MAED, MAENG

Small! The often word we can hear but haven’t you thought on it? Let us analyze of it! But do you know exactly what it means? Okay, let me elucidate further. Smart actually are the keenly intelligent and responsive leaders.

Behold this panoramic scene of our neo-millennial century; let me drive you to dynamic extremes which hold the vital realities of human existence. We may usually say that, it’s actually silly and a little bit absurd situation but deep within lies the constant necessity to unveil the course of our study.

Most women are magnetized to tall and macho, robust males and inhumanely garble the small ones, without even taking a parameter of the two vis-à-vis figures. In this institution, most conclude that giants are superiors to dwarfs and mostly commend” the bigger, the better and huge guises are mightier”. But let me tell you that even those ancient legends of long foretold manifested events, gnomes over power giants. We may ask why? Not in terms of physical strength but of mental powers,

Take a peep on what’s happening currently. Direct discrimination takes place between two parties, the dwarfs and the giants, giants underestimated but dwarfs re-estimate. There are actually small in appearance but are having the qualities of a gigantic genius. Thought that flows from within the core of their thinking are incomparable, very much keen and witty, able to comprehend and decipher taught problems. We may often say that goals of the small ones are unrealistic, but haven’t you known that they never put their mind on that state of thinking even for once? Others preferred to die rather than think, but look at the small ones, they preferred to sacrifice due to fatigue rather than quit from thinking. Small one! They love to unveil hidden realities and posses extra-ordinary scope of perception.

It contrast, giant don’t seems to be giants at all, and they have undying huge guises. It is very much obvious. Yet they have small minds and perceptions in life. They are shallow and narrow minded. Only a speck of an obstacle will fade them away. They dare not use their mental powers, but hated everything. They use to squander and attend to misleading activities. Are they often out of the real world? I don’t know!

There are lots of them especially men, who are trying hard enough to become giants in physical appearance. They aimed to be the commander anywhere they might go. One thunder of their angry voice would be enough to topple down meek and innocent small ones, and would probably bring him down with bended knees in fear and submission to the giants will. These giants are actually in any of the four corners of our institution, giants in their mental capabilities but dwarfs in appearance, they love to move mountains, empty the rivers and oceans just to have their wishes come true. Giants in their physical feature you think so because they are already on the higher strata of education. But mind you, there are small ones that are born giants, they excel in everything.

However, it can not be denied that anywhere we go there are giants that would topple us down. He is might be Giants in tongue, figures, giants in gestures, thoughts and even motives.

But never be dismayed if you are small because our president in Sunrise Christian College is actually small. But in reality, he’s a giant enough in managing out of varied personalities in our campus. He was able to make it, thus, making him “THE GIANT”. But we ought to remember that no matter how giants they may be on earth, they could never unlock and open doors of heaven, which are locked for people as giants as they. So fight for your right never let anyone drag and step beyond your demarcation…

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Posted by sairaron on July 19, 2007



Flying so beautifully
Around the mango tree
Fireflies showing their splendor
A gift coming from our creator

Flying so brightly
Carrying their lamp so mightily
Giving bright lights
In the darkness of the night.

Where did you get your glory
To light they and me
I was amazed truly
That’s why this song came to me

A song of appreciation
To a special creature
Created by my creator
The Lord God whom I adore.

Composed by Mrs. Yu

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