Sunrise Christian College (SCCFPI)

P2B Bonbon, Butuan City 8600 Philippines


In 1983, Sunrise Christian College founder, Mr. Roman G. Cariaga, established the church building at 036 T. Calo Street in Butuan CIty. Four years later, the school started wherein classes were conducted in the auditorium of the church building, thus, the birth of Sunrise School of Evangelism in June of 1987. With the aim of training MEN (it did not accept women students) to preach the gospel and help produce quality church leaders in the Philippine brotherhood, twelve (12) young men graduated with the Bachelor of Arts degee in Bible and four (4) with the associate degree in Theology.

In May of 1992, A 62 acre of land with hills and creeks situated just 3 miles northeast of Butuan City was acquired to accommodate the urgent need for better facilities like classrooms, library and a decent living quarters for students. Subsequently, Sunrise School of Evangelism transferred to its new campus in November of 1992, where on the same year, fourteen (14) students graduated.

Not too long before 1994 did the birth of Sunrise Christian College came. Prior therefrom, Sunrise School of Evangelism was not a government accredited school, hence, students’ earned credits that were not transferable to government accredited college either public or private. This difficulty encouraged administrators to set efforts towards the school’s accreditation by the government, thus, evolving Sunrise School of Evangelism to Sunrise Christian College on the said year. This was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to attain legal personality. Consequently, the year 1997 saw the official implementation of the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education (BARE) as the anchor degree/discipline of Sunrise Christian College. This was followed by the addition of two (2) college programs in 2002 namely, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSE) and Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED). In addition to these programs the accreditation and recognition of the complete high school (1st year to 4th year) came also on the same year along with the permit to operate Kindergarteen 1& 2, and grades 1 to 4; submission of application to operate grade 5 and 6 to the Department of Education; and, the construction of a two story, 9 classrooms concrete school building. In 2005, two college degree programs (BSE & BEED), the Elementary Department and the Pre-school received full Government Recognition.

From then on, Sunrise Christian College started reaping recognition as it engaged in inter-school competitions across Butuan City, Caraga Region and the country. And at present, Sunrise Christian College is offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science which is now in second level and just recently has added three new courses; Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with five majoring fields.

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