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Febuary 1-2 PRISAA Regional Athletic Competition Results

Posted by sairaron on February 7, 2008

Joshue Estigo 21y.o. from Pangasinan (Luzon) is a BARE 1st year student. His father was a preacher and radio commentator when shot by a lone assassin last 2004. His mother abandon them with other 6 siblings. He is partly supporting his brothers and sisters with the allowance that he received from his US supporters. He is presently allowed to join the male orphan dorm.

Mylde Orbizo 19 y.o. from Guinsaugon, Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte is a 1st year irregular HRM student. Both of her parents died last 2006 Leyte landslide. After several medical missions with Salvador and Sunrise students, we convinced her together with other orphans to study in Sunrise.  She is survived with 5 brothers and sisters.

Both of them are candidates for National competition this coming April in Zamboanga City.
  Joshue Estigo                                        Track                         1,500M
                                                                                               4×100 M Relay
            Mylde Orbizo                                       Track                           800 M

            Filda Cervantes                                    Shot Put
                                                                     Discuss Throw
            Reajen Alcontin                                  Swimming   200 M Breast Stroke
                                                                                       100 M Breast Stroke
                                                                                         4×50 M Free/Relay
             Analyn Luna                                         Swimming          200 M Back
                                                                                                 4×50 M Relay
             Mary Gold Reyes                                 Swimming            50 M Breast
                                                                                      4×50 M Medley Relay
            Manilyn Añasco                                    Swimming  4×50 M Free/Relay
         Analyn Luna                                       Swimming 50 M Individual Medley

          Mylde Orbizo                                       Track                            400 M
                                                                                              4×100 M Relay
         Joshue Estigo                                        Track                           3000


  Athletic Coordinator / Coach

SCC President


2 Responses to “Febuary 1-2 PRISAA Regional Athletic Competition Results”

  1. john said

    magaling kana pala mag langoy’? ano kaya hitsura mo kun nakalangoy kanang langoy palaka’ joke!…..

  2. john said

    greetings sa inyo lahat’ hope to see u soon i’m just klmtrs. away studying, and playing asual hide and seek as of know, pray for me coz i will ride my dreams and i may not reach the star but my arrow will fly…………..

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