Sunrise Christian College (SCCFPI)

P2B Bonbon, Butuan City 8600 Philippines

Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers

Posted by sairaron on February 1, 2008

    Sunrise Christian College, a member of the CEM (Center for Educational Measurement) conducted a PATT (Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers) to all its faculty and employees last October 22, 2007.

Since this was their first time to take PATT, they were all eager in answering the test that nothing can be heard in the venue except for the sound created when a pen drops.

The result of the test was made the basis for the in-service training to be given to the faculty and employees of the school. Sunrise Christian College headed by the presiden, Dr. Samuel B. Cariaga made an institutional plan. One of its aim is for the development of the faculty and employees. The in-service training based on the result of the PATT test is one of the activities to enhance and enrich Faculty and Employees Development. Mrs. Susita L. Bas headed the team with the cooperation of the members Dr. Josephine Janet B. Anino, Dr. Fe V. Nakila and Ms. Ramilan V. Gaborne.

By: Ms. Magdalena Porras


2 Responses to “Philippine Aptitude Test for Teachers”

  1. Congratulations for the achievement done. May your school grow as the years to come!

  2. Kamel said

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to be updated with issues pertainning to apptitude tests for future teachers
    Yours sincerely
    Dr Kamel

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