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Febuary 1-2 PRISAA Regional Athletic Competition Results

Posted by sairaron on February 7, 2008

Joshue Estigo 21y.o. from Pangasinan (Luzon) is a BARE 1st year student. His father was a preacher and radio commentator when shot by a lone assassin last 2004. His mother abandon them with other 6 siblings. He is partly supporting his brothers and sisters with the allowance that he received from his US supporters. He is presently allowed to join the male orphan dorm.

Mylde Orbizo 19 y.o. from Guinsaugon, Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte is a 1st year irregular HRM student. Both of her parents died last 2006 Leyte landslide. After several medical missions with Salvador and Sunrise students, we convinced her together with other orphans to study in Sunrise.  She is survived with 5 brothers and sisters.

Both of them are candidates for National competition this coming April in Zamboanga City.
  Joshue Estigo                                        Track                         1,500M
                                                                                               4×100 M Relay
            Mylde Orbizo                                       Track                           800 M

            Filda Cervantes                                    Shot Put
                                                                     Discuss Throw
            Reajen Alcontin                                  Swimming   200 M Breast Stroke
                                                                                       100 M Breast Stroke
                                                                                         4×50 M Free/Relay
             Analyn Luna                                         Swimming          200 M Back
                                                                                                 4×50 M Relay
             Mary Gold Reyes                                 Swimming            50 M Breast
                                                                                      4×50 M Medley Relay
            Manilyn Añasco                                    Swimming  4×50 M Free/Relay
         Analyn Luna                                       Swimming 50 M Individual Medley

          Mylde Orbizo                                       Track                            400 M
                                                                                              4×100 M Relay
         Joshue Estigo                                        Track                           3000


  Athletic Coordinator / Coach

SCC President


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2008 Medical & Dental Mission: A Call for a Healthy Body with a Healthy Soul

Posted by sairaron on February 1, 2008

    “A call for a healthy body with a healthy soul!”…. the same was printed on the volunteers’ t-shirts during the 2007 medical/dental mission held at Sunrise Christian College campus on January 11-13, 2007. This is still one of the purposes of the 2nd Medical/Dental Mission on January 10-11, 2008, likewise serving poor people seeking help for their physical infirmities. Our thanks to CARIS Foundation for partnering and considering Sunrise Christian College as the venue of serving the less privileged Filipino constituents of Butuan City and nearby towns, really true to its name CARIS which means giving without expecting something in return.

Just after the 1st Medical/Dental Mission on January 11-13, 2007, Dr. John Bailey, one of the BOT’s of CARIS Foundation talked and planned with the SCC President Dr. Samuel B. Cariaga for the possibility of 2nd CARIS-funded Medical/Dental Mission at SCC because of the impressive preparation and success of the recently concluded mission. This came true when in November 2007, he told DR. Sam to start organizing and planning for the mission. It was indeed a busy month ahead organizing, meetings, purchasing medical saupplies, preparing the HRM building to house the Filipino doctors and volunteers, advertising and soliciting any kind of assistance from concerned students’ parents, groups and individuals of Butuan City. But it is always worth spnding time for an enriching experience and selfless dedication to do good works in the name of Jesus Christ.

The mission offered services like counseling, dental check-up and extractions, medical consultations, minor surgical operations, giving of medicines, transporting of patients from Libertad to SCC and vice versa, all free.

We concluded the two day medical mission with around two thousand patients treated and two cases of Hernia repair done at Butuan City Hospital.

To Dr. John Bailey and the CARIS Foundation who have provided financial assistance for this cause, The Churches of Christ who is always there to share the gospel and feed the soul, to Dr. SAm Cariaga who always have the passion to this kind of ministry, to the Rotary Club of Butuan who again unselfishly supplied 2-day snacks for the volunteers,to the parents Mrs. Ofelia Cuarez, Engr. & Mrs. Edward Tong and Mr. & Mrs. Tim Cariaga who donated needed supplies, the PNP and Dental Society and Philippine Medical Association-ButuanChapter, who provided doctors, to thegovernment – Department of Health,Cong. Joboy Aquino and Sen. Manny Villar who provided additional medicines, toall doctors, nurses, medical assistants, allcommittiees, mission-support groups and individuals, teachers and students who all devoted and volunteered for this worthy cause. IIN BEHALF OF THE PATIENTS WHOM YOU HAVE DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY TREATED AND COMFORTED, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, WE SALUTE YOU ALL!

By: Elvira L. Cariaga

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Drug prevention, a concern of our School

Posted by sairaron on February 1, 2008

    Many people say that drug is the “inn” thing nowadays. By drugs, we mean “illegal drugs” or those that are prohibited by law to be dispensed over the counter. One article of the PDEA defined drug technically as a Chemical Substance that affects the normal functioning of the body.

We have plenty spreading over the country, information about illegal drugs and how it operates to harm or even destroy the human race and we owe such information to our government especially the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA). Of course, it is the law that moved them and worthy to mention is the R.A. 9165.

Well folks, we can’t wait to reveal them. On the list are: The Cannabis or otherwise known as “marijuana”. This is declared illegal because its smoke contains 50% more tar than high-tar cigarettes which put users at an increased risk of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases; we also have cocaine. Mixing cocaine with alcohol is dangerous cocktail and can greatly increase the chances of sudden death. We also have Ecstasy which makes the body ignore distress signals such as dehydration, dizziness and exhaustion and can interfere with body’s ability to regulate temperature. It can severely damage the organs such as the kidneys and the liver.

Heroin can also lead to coma and death through respiratory depression. LSD or Hallucinogens can also produce delusions and distorted perceptions and severe terrifying thoughts and feelings such as fear of losing control, fear of insanity and death and despair.

Methamphetamine, or otherwise known as “shabu” in the streets. It can sometimes trigger aggression, violence and bizarre behavior among users.

Well, I hope I have informed you a bit. Anyway, next publication we’ll have more knowledge on drugs not only as a requirement for higher education such as Sunrise Christian College, but as part of service to our students… Shalom…..

By: Antonio C.  Medroso

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