Sunrise Christian College (SCCFPI)

P2B Bonbon, Butuan City 8600 Philippines

SCC eyes implementation of its MDP

Posted by rmpilarjr on August 22, 2007

Last Saturday, August 18,2007 , Sunrise Christian College President Dr. Samuel Cariaga has called out a meeting for the implementation of the Master Development Plan (MDP) of Sunrise Christian College. It was noted that the Master Development Plan was developed last June 2, 2007 by the President together with the faculty and with the help of Mrs. Esther Guno, Chief Planning officer of the City Government of Butuan City, for the School to have a blue print for its development. And now, after two months of preparation for documentations and revisions, at last the implementation stage has come.

During the meeting, it was discussed that there should be scheduling first of the activities to avoid overlapping of schedules in the future. And it was agreed upon that gathering of important data should be done in two months time. It was also stressed in the meeting that every sector should look for alternatives to fund their respective projects either to establish connections with local government agencies or finding sponsors overseas and not to depend solely to the school’s funds. This is due to the fact that the school’s financial status at present is unstable.

The President, in his talk encourages his colleagues to pursue despite of the obstacles that the School is facing at present. He even reiterated that the Master Plan’s implementation is the hardest thing to do since it needs more time, money and efforts in order for it to be implemented. “Planning on how to implement a project is a big challenge to every sector that comprises the Master Plan, so full cooperation is needed”, he stressed. “Master Development Plan’s formation and implementation is not a part of the faculty’s job and responsibilities but the task added to your shoulders is worth a legacy when these plans are realized”, he added. The meeting started at 9:00 o’clock in the morning and ended up at twelve noon.


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