Sunrise Christian College (SCCFPI)

P2B Bonbon, Butuan City 8600 Philippines

Oral Examinations on Sunrise graduating students

Posted by sairaron on August 13, 2007

Sunrise Christian College will be conducting an oral examinations (coined “Oral Revalida“) on graduating students (Grade VI, 4th year High School & 4th year College students) this month. This activity is coherent with Sunrise’s vision on academic excellence. This has been practiced for years now primarily on English grammar and it was initiated by the Vice-President of this institution on high school, college students, and recently the elementary¬† graduating pupils are also inclined to undergo to the said activity starting this school year. This [practice] has even made the school well known in the city for having students who have a good command in English and even in the English grammar. Some big schools in the city have already adopted the same practice and that is something Sunrise Christian College should be proud of.

This kind of activity is done mainly to ensure the quality of students Sunrise Christian College is producing. Recently Math, Science, Computer & other major subjects were included in the said examination to make the students superior not only in English grammar but in every subject area as well.


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