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Dr. Sam’s Mobile Medical Mission

Posted by rmpilarjr on March 21, 2006

Over the last few days, I witnessed Dr. Sam Cariaga run a one-man mobile hospital in five different sites. He sets up the pharmacy, arranges the instruments, organizes the makeshift “operating room,” and in less than 30 minutes, he is working on his first patient. Without the help of even a nurse, he can run a mobile mission clinic with precision and efficiency, treating 20-30 patients a day, all by himself. Last week, he perfomed 11 surgeries and treated 20 more in just one day.

For almost two weeks now, I have been traveling with Dr. Sam, more like an observer than a useful partner (I do not like to see needles or blood). I watched him carry his own lugguage and boxes of medicine, and sleep on the floor or in uncomfortable boat bunks. He puts in long hours, and has many missions lined up for the rest of the year. After this Leyte mission, he will go home for a day, then resume more one-day clinics around the Luzon area, helping churches evangelize through his gift of healing.

After a morning birthday program at the school this Monday honoring our Dad, Roman Cariaga, someone approached Sam about a problem he has had for years. Soon after that, Sam was operating again. Two American visitors experienced being under Dr. Sam’s knife and needle, partly as a joke and partly out of need. Frank had been meaning to go to a doctor in the US for his bursitis, and Scott had been nursing a cyst in his right foot. By the time the day was over, Scott had ten stitches, and Frank had his bursitis drained. A dozen more patients were treated that afternoon.

Sam’s mobile medical mission usually works in partnership with the local churches of Christ. He provides his services, and the local church takes ownership of the organizational matters and medicine. If a local church cannot afford the medical supplies, we help raise the money for them. A full day’s medical mission usually runs about $200 a day. He conserves his supplies so well that sometimes he still has enough for the next day.

Realizing Sam’s tremendous blessing to the Lord’s work in the Philippines (he has already served in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Pakistan with MARCH for CHRIST), I have volunteered to become his promoter. He could use some help, including doctors and nurses who are willing to come and work with him for a week or two. He needs surgical supplies and equipment as well as medicine for the upcoming missions. More importantly, he needs our prayers and encouragement. Please feel free to contact him at You may also view his website at

His proud big brother,

Salvador Cariaga


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Posted by sunrisechristiancollege on March 3, 2006

Our college is not looking in this perspective only but rather focus on what this project can do to help the filipino students learn how to swim and who knows, maybe in the future we will be able to send a representative from our city for swimming competitions held nationally or abroad. What makes Sunrise Christian College different from the rest of the colleges and universities in Butuan city in the CARAGA region?
SCC is known as an English speaking campus and is regarded as one of the greatest competitor in the city when it comes to mtap, water quiz and water district oratorical contest, galing filipino essay writing contest, and soon to be in sports competition.
How about a swimming pool within the school campus? Would it give another honor? One of the distinguishing features that SCC is proud of is the 25×50-meters swimming pool. The question is, how can this be of great help to the institution? Is it constructed for business or for pleasure? Or both?
Common knowledge suggests that a swimming pool is for fun and relaxation. The institution is not looking in this perspective only but rather focus on what this project can do to help the filipino students learn how to swim and maybe in the future we will be able to send a representative from our city for swimming competitions. Also, the proceeds of this project will help improve the school’s physical facilities. In short, this will serve, as an income generating project to help support some needs of the students and the school itself. For the school to continue rendering its services and commitment in the pursuance of academic excellence towards the people of Butuan city and the neighboring provinces, this project, therefore, is a means of catalyst of change and transformation.
However, the construction of the swimming pool is still going on but its contractor promises that this swimming pool will be open to the public by the last quarter of the year.
The swimming pool is a blessing. Therefore  it must be used according to its purpose. God bless SCC. God bless this great project!

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