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Excitements and Realities

Posted by sunrisechristiancollege on December 5, 2005

Each year the administration, the faculty and staff, and the student body experience lots of excitements as SCC is blessed with many wonderful things from God like: winning in academic and sports contests over older and much, much bigger schools (26) in the Butuan City district; SCC high school graduates obtaining full academic scholarships in big universities in the nation; former students passing government licensure examinations, and a BARE graduate now heading a private-owned high school, to name a few. These and many others have brought excitements to SCC family.

As the month of March is drawing nigh another kind of excitement is building up. No longer could we witness just the graduation of students from high school and those who completed the requirements for the BARE degree but also the graduation of the first batch of students graduating with the BEED and BSE degrees. On top of this SCC will have, for the first time, a graduation speaker from another country. He is known as a very active member of the church of Christ and a very successful businessman. According to Salvador who recruited him to be our graduation speaker this gentleman is a good speaker. Tony George, an active church leader in Malaysia and a frequent visitor of Sunrise Christian College, will accompany our graduation speaker when he comes. SCC is looking forward to welcome this brother in Christ.

 Another thing that is building up an atmosphere of excitement among teachers and students (especially those who are members of the church) is the prospect of having no less than 600 students comes June. Groups comprising high school and college students assisted by members of the faculty have begun training for their February, March, April and May assignments to recruit students from high schools and elementary schools in the entire Butuan District, even including some school in CARAGA REGION, to come and study in Sunrise Christian College. Salvador committed himself to recruit no less than 40 students for the Bible department. In the last two school years, we had doubled the previous enrolments with no concerted effort toward recruitment. Because of this planned recruitment and the growing popularity of Sunrise Christian College in the community, we believe that our goal of 600 could be realized for school year 2006-2007.

Lina and I are very much excited to see the fruition and realization of our long-time dream of seeing some of those we had supported in Bible Colleges and secular colleges to prepare themselves to build up Sunrise Christian College. Clarita Omandac, a veteran public high school teacher with many other talents, decided to teach full time at SCC beginning June this year. Elmer S. Emperado a graduate of the then Philippine Bible College, and Baguio Colleges Foundation, and had attended Harding Graduate School of Religion in the USA for the Master in Theology (Mth) degree, and now serving as the Minister of Cagayan de Oro Church of Christ has accepted the position as Dean of the Bible Department of SCC beginning June 2006. Salvador Cariaga, our eldest son has accepted the position as Vice President of Sunrise Christian College and will be officially installed in this position. We are very excited about the quality of these new members of Sunrise Christian College family. Their experiences and dedication to their given work will certainly lend more credibility to Sunrise Christian College. With the addition of the two who have had training in Christian colleges and universities in the USA brings to four (4) the number of US trained personnel to boost SCC’s Bible and speech departments where they themselves will teach. And the last but not the least, Brother Dale Sellers came forward one Sunday morning last year and settled the conflict with all the Cariaga family in Butuan. We are happy to share you this good news as we give God the glory for these blessings.


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